Sunday, 18 November 2012

EXAMS!!!! (>_<)

My Mid-term exams are approaching. I am not freaking out and extremely worried or something but I have a friend who likes to give me loads of tension. He makes everything look 100 times more harder than it really is. He can make people sweat their shirts wet by filling their mind with endless worries. Sometimes I just feel like saying that : "Yaar chup hoja, kyun mera dimagh kharab kar raha hai extra tension de kay", but I don't wanna make him feel bad so I just keep quiet and let him rant on. People shouldn't really do this. They should rather help other to do what seems to be difficult, not transfer their worries to others. 
Oh well, that's all. These exams don't matter much and what really matters is the CIE. I pray to Allah that He helps me out in my CIE exams and grants me good grades. I just have to keep on working hard.       

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Random Blabbering

Just forget the past and move on to the future. You cant finish a book if you keep on going back and read the pages you have gone through already :).

This year, Bakra Eid was just amazing. My khala from London came to Pakistan and her children, my cousins, made my Eid unexpectedly awesome!!!! especially her eldest daughter Aqsa, who was really fun to talk to. Sadly, they were here only for a week, I miss all of them. My Eid wouldn't have been any better.

This year, my school campus changed. We went from North Nazimabad to the Karachi SITE area, GODDAMMIT!!! >__<. 

Why are girls so complicated ??__?? I will never understand women. They are like the most difficult, nerve wrecking, spine twisting Additional mathematics question. WTH, even Einstein was clueless regarding the mechanism of women.

Good people always get kicked in the ass before life rewards them. Bad people are rewarded early in life so that they receive their BPL (BUM pe LAAT) at such a point in their life that they are not able to recover.

I Really Love Rafya's Blog. I really do and I really love what she writes. If anyone who is reading this post wants to read something really good then visit: Its one of the best blogs, VISIT NOW HURRY!! :D

Sometimes I feel that I am being very lame. This feeling makes me sad and there is no one in my life who would hear me out and motivate me. Khair koi baat nai, ALLAH (SWT) sab theek kardein gay. HE always has. :)

I really feel like killing somebody.

When things are being loved instead of people and people are being used like things then there can be no peace. Let's NEVER be materialistic, whatever you have will go away one day or another.



I don't know what I am writing but maybe this is what happens when you are blogging after a million years, but perhaps i would come up with something which is worth reading after sometime.