Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Having a family is always important. It is one of the most essential part of our lives and life gets really very hard without them. Parents, siblings, relatives all are quite equally important. Lets have a look at my family.
First of all my Father. He is a great man, loves and cares a lot, but can beat the whacko out of you if you are not implementing whatever he is ordering. He gives the ordinance and soon it becomes the law. He is very hard worker and has done a lot of favors to other people. However, I am not really that much connected with my Dad. He has been working for about 30 years in Saudi Arabia and I am in Pakistan. I spend hardly 3 to 4 months with him in a year. He calls me "Gullu Gulfaam"( don't know what does it means exactly but it surely is a good thing) and the "Gentleman" ( from which side do I look like a gentleman, oh well). He is never angry at me most of the time nad that is a superb thing. He calls me to Saudi Arab every year, thanks to his company where he works that they offer free air tickets to any three members of our family and that includes me :D. He really gets mad when i don't go to the Masjid or miss Salat deliberately. He is not very much open to jokes and is a very serious kind of a person. He came to Saudi Arab with the mission to earn enough money to get his sisters married and take his Mother ,my Dadi, to Hajj. He successfully got 3 of his sisters married and even took Dadi on Hajj. He himself has performed Hajj FIVE TIMES!!!! can you believe that :O. 
Then comes my Mother, the greatest of all women in my eyes. my mother taught me lot of things and helped me in times when I had lost hope or when I was tense or stressed. she always reassured me and help me keep calm and cool. She used to teach me that the tongue is a weapon sharper than swords so use it wisely. This is the truth, wounds afflicted by the tongue seldom heal rather they may bleed till you die or even if they do heal the pain and the mark shall be left forever. So we should be extremely careful not to offend anyone with our speech. She served me and my siblings even when she was afflicted with the deadliest of diseases. I don't even know the name of the disease, but it had weakened her muscles, all of them. She could not smile properly and had problems getting up on her feet and walking and sat on the floor rarely and even if she did I had to pick her up. Sadly the worst day of my life came of 28th of January Saturday. The memories of that day shall remain in my mind till I die. That day we went to a cousin's marriage. when it was time for dinner, I had only started eating when my cousin sister came to me and told me that something has happened to your mom. I ran for my mother and saw that she was choking on something she ate. She couldn't breath and in a matter of as few minutes she passed away. Now my life seems so empty and there is nobody to share my feelings to. Sometimes I do share my feelings but its seems that no nobody is interested in the depressive talk of mine so I change the subject myself even when I don't want to. I wanna tell so many things to others but nobody cares so why should I waste my time as well as their time?
Then comes my All rounder sister NIDA baji. she is very good, beautiful, hardworking and cheerful. She is great at teaching and she got married at 18th January 2006. Her husband's name is Sajjad and now she has two kids, Fatima and Mustafa Mashs'Allah. :).
Then comes Javeria baji. She has literally taken the place of my Mother after she passed away. She is sacrificing a lot just to take care of me and my other siblings. She manages the house very efficiently even when she also has to study. She is the Queen of the house and all the others are poor slaves. Whatever she orders has to be done. She makes me work like a maid in the house. Sometimes I have to chop the onions and tomatoes. Sometimes I gotta peel the potatoes and eggplants. Once she even told me to wash her abaya, scarf and socks. MAN!!! at least do this yourself (yaar kam az kam ye kaam to khud krlo, assra krlo bachey ki jaan ka). She has also made me a sweeper WOW! (-_-). she makes me such a lot at home but she is great anyway :D.
Then comes Bushra baji. She is an emotional softie like me. She has a hard cover but a soft heart( this is what we call Coconut nature, hard from outside and real soft inside). She calls me selfish if I ever refuse to help her in her university work. Let me tell you, if you want to get your BUM kicked real hard just be rude to bushra baji for a sec or maybe just show a little disrespect to her or be rude to her and then let the magic begin. She will ridicule you in such a way that even your upcoming 7 generations will also remember that HUMILIATING INSULT . Her anger can go to unpredictably high levels in a matter of seconds and something you never expected may happen to you. When she hates someone she really knows how to show her hatred. She rarely forgives people who have hurt her some way or another.
Then comes Omer bhaijaan. He is the best. He is a source of guidance for me with things related to the outside world and studies. He drives very well and is a very diligent person. He never delays work and is always there to help his siblings parents or relatives. He is very sensitive and is almost a robot like he can go to attend his coaching class after taking a nap of about an hour before which he had been awake for about 14 to 15 hours. He is The Best Big Bro anyone can ever have in this whole world :D.       
Then comes Salman (-_-) :S. The only problem in my life. Where ever I am, he is. He rarely leaves me alone and it seems to me that God has appointed him to keep a watch on me. Annoying me and asking me dumb questions is his only job. Annoying me (mujhe tapana) is his only purpose of life. Farooq what's that? who is he? who is she? what are you doing? can I use the PC? and an endless list of questions that never seems to end. If he hears a joke, he repeats it to me from morning till nightfall. Never leaves me alone and seems more like my personal bodyguard than younger brother. I hate the fact that he is my brother and I can do nothing to about it. He rarely obeys me and is always the first to object to whatever I say. Never gives me respect and is very irritating most of the time. My life seems so peaceful without him and I feel almost weightless and free when he is not around. The world seems to be wonderful. But  guess one day he will turn up to be the best member of our whole family, this is what javeria baji thinks, not me :). Hope is all I have for him that one day he would change, He is also very non serious about his studies.
Well that's all folks. Family is family no matter what they do or how much they annoy you you still gotta cope up and adjust with them and well that's all you can really do. They may kick your ass, insult you, make you work like a slave girl, but at the end of the day you realize that they are the only one who will be sincere to you even in the most difficult of times and they are never gonna leave you. My world is only limited to some relatives, some teachers, some friends and closest to me are my siblings and Dad.   

This post has gone way too far so i'll stop writing now. By the way i would like to quote something by Christopher Lasch here:  "The family is a haven in a heartless world."           

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Great RKR!!!

She became my friend when we were in the eight standard. Our friendship was later consolidated two years later. She gave me her mobile number a few months back. I thought that she wanted to take a look at my ghatia bekaar useless cell phone but she herself saved her number in my cell phone even when I had not asked for it. WOW!!! acha khair hai, lets move ahead.
But I noticed that whenever I used to text her, I would only receive the reply reply at night and no sooner. She would never reply before 10 or 11pm at night. Obviously, she was busy studying in the day but the wait for her to reply was quite irritating for me. This happened a lot and to such an extent that i was compelled to give her the title of RKR!! Raaton ki rani ( English translation: The Queen of Night, consider it my favor upon you O reader, if you don't know URDU XD).
To my surprise she liked the title, not the English one but the Urdu one. She herself started using it like : "RKR would be back after dinner to talk  to you, don't go to sleep" XD.
Now let us focus on the qualities of the great RKR. She rises in the darkness of the night, when people are fast asleep. She will talk to anyone who wants to talk to her but Beware!! She may leave you utter darkness, venturing forth into the darkness, leaving you behind trembling with fear. She doesn't even give damn to someone who get between her and her sleep even if that person is one of her best friends. She is graceful, funny powerful, brave, cheerful, bold, and yet has no control over her sleep. So don't you fret when she stops replying to your text messages abruptly.
But in the morning when she wakes up from her sleep the personality of the RKR fades away and the "Unreal" she comes out. RKR inhibits her body, living there silently to raise her head only in the darkness of the night.
To me it seems they are two souls in a single body, one takes over the other in the course of time and this change of personalities in unending.
So readers now you know who the great RKR , Raaton ki Rani, Queen of Nights is. She is the queen whom nobody can match, not even in a single aspect.

Friday, 25 May 2012

The Hangout!!!

It all started at 10pm Wednesday 23th may. My friend called me and told me that we are going to atrium mall  to watch The Avengers in 3D!! 
Suddenly my head got filled with a load of questions. How shall we go there? Who else will be coming with us? With whom shall we go? What is the cost of the ticket? When would the show start? 
My friend told me to SHUT UP! get over with the Rapid Fire session and listen carefully. He told me that three other friends of ours would also be joining us, the ticket is rupees 500/- only along with the 3D glasses which only cost rupees 150/-, the show will start at 12pm tomorrow which was Thursday 25th may.  He also told me that I have to come to his house along with Zeerak and then from his house we will go to the mall with his driver. I also asked him about some other details too.
That night I slept at 4am and then I woke up at 9:20 am. My head was still spinning due to the drowsiness when suddenly my cell phone started ringing. I picked my cell phone up and it was Zeerak.
"Hey, Farooq I am standing at your doorsteps" said Zeerak.
I quickly rushed to the wash basin, washed my face, wore a cap to hide my extremely disheveled  hair, opened the door, greeted him in and made him sit in the drawing room. I got ready in 5 minutes and both me and zeerak set out to Omer's house. 
We reached Omer's house at almost 10:30 am. When we reached there, to my surprise my bestest friend Huzaifa was already there. We all greeted each other and at 10:45 omer's driver was at the door. Quickly we got seated in the car and set out to atrium mall. On our way we picked Saad up whose not such a good friend of mine but he is quite a good friend of Omer.

We were at the mall at 11:20 am. We used the elevator to go to the top floor where the cinema is. We bought the tickets and 3D glasses and at almost 11:50 we were seated in the cinema, all in one row and luckily I got seated next to Huzaifa :D. It was pitch dark and only the screen and the guy with a torch in his hands to guide people to their seats in the darkness were visible. Omer, Saad and Zeerak had bought drinks. I and Huzaifa didn't buy anything. We ate and drank from what they had bought. BTW Huzaifa and I bought drinks in the middle of the movie. The others didn't even get to know that we had bought drinks and we drank them alone. Now you may calculate the level of our cleverness (Haramipan, chalaki, kaminapan) XD.
The movie started at 12pm [Pakistan Standard Time(PST)]. The movie was fantastic.The super heroes, plot, story, and the graphics were outstanding. The movie was full of awe-inspiring action scenes. It was thoroughly enjoyable and it was worthy of being watched in the cinema with big 3D glasses on. The funniest character of the movies was Doctor Bruce Banner who turns into the Hulk, the big crazy green guy, when ever he is angry, stressed or excited.
After the movie, we ate at the atrium's food court on the top floor. After that we set out for Omer's house again and dropped Saad at his house in our way. 
We reached omer's place, then got seated in his bedroom, took some pictures, ate gola ganda (flavoured crushed ice ball XD). Then at almost 5:15 pm, I, Huzaifa and Zeerak left Omer's home and set out for our's. we dropped Huzaifa on our way home. I reached home at 6:00 pm, having a enjoyed hell of a lot!!!!!!!!!
It was a day I would never ever forget in my whole life. Meeting my friends with no worries of studies or homework. Free from my stupid CIE O levels examinations. Then going to watch such a great superheroes action movie along with some of my best friends multiplied the fun by a 1000 degrees. BTW I was madly missing ONE of my friends before, during, and after the movie. I wished that that friend of mine could join me but that would never happen even in the wildest of my dreams. Overall, the trip was a magnificent and outstanding experience which I will always remember.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I Abhor You!

I don't ever wanna see your face
Your existence in the human race
Is nothing but more then a bloody disgrace
I crave to crush your face with a big heavy mace
You are so irresponsible, can't tie your own shoelace
You cant walk fast, can't keep up the pace

You are so confused, turned your life into mazes
I pity you because nobody can save you from the horrific gazes

Your strange choices, Your pathetic way of life 
Will lead you nowhere but a deadly demise.

The hopes and promises you used to advertise
were all nothing but a bunch of lies

You never respected anyone or upheld family ties
You have wronged yourself to the point where the soul dies.

Your logic and theories have no bases
The courts are filled with files of your cases

You know what bothers me the most
When you are the guest and I am the host

All you have done up till now in life is boast
It would be better for the world if you die in a shipwreck near the coast

When you act too much like a boss
People get nothing from you but loss

If you would have treated other people with kindness
You would surely have attained invaluable happiness

You walk on Earth with your cheeks swollen with pride and arrogance
You have never learned the lesson of tolerance

What you be ashamed of the horrible crimes you have done
The people you have hurt, seek their forgiveness and beg their pardon

If you want to change its still not late
If you want to be good then just don't sit and wait

It's always your choice on which path you select
But let me tell you that only in the right path lies respect.