Saturday, 29 December 2012

Four Lines.........................

On my way to school, these four lines came to my head from nowhere:

The Mere Sight Of You Sets Me On Fire,
You Are My First And Foremost Desire,
I Beg You To Trust Me Because I Am Not A Liar,
Just Hold My Hand And I Will Take You Higher.

The next line which came to my head was: You Are A Priceless Gem That I Truly Adore. But I could think of any other lines to complete a four line stanza. I read these five lines to my friend and this is what he said, after thinking for a little while: " I Would Surely Have Made You My Queen, If You Weren't A Whore". Well, he made me laugh my ass off, but I couldn't add this line to my poem, for obvious reasons.

Study!! Study!! Study!! Study!!

This is the great pile of books which I would be needing to Study!! from for my CIE examinations which will take place in May/June 2013. Just looking at this photograph sends a chill down my spine, BRRRRRRRR!!!!

Damn Convo Killers!!!!!!!

There are some words in this world that were created only to be loathed. Sometimes I don't even consider them words and sometimes I ask God that, why did He let such words be created by Mankind?? You are the Creator and the Almighty, you could have easily prevented the birth of such heinous words. Well, it's really bad to question God's will but still, WHY?? 

I'll just stop ranting about why these words were created. Let's take a look at these words which I hate so incredibly much. Here they are:

 WHATEVER!!!!  or WHATEVZ!!!: This word is so rude. I have never said this word to anyone but I get it a lot. It is like saying: : "I don't give even the slightest damn about whatever you are saying and whatever you are saying is total and absolute bullshit". Well, this word was born to be hated.  

OKAY and its siblings: OK, Kand KAY: K. K. K. K. I just never wanna see this word again but can't help, ITS EVERYWHERE and on everyone's tongue. This word gives me a heart attack and a stroke all at the same time. 
BYE: UUUUGGGHHH!!!! this one is the king of convo killers. Its an absolute heartbreaker. Plus if you write bye with a long face like this one: "-________-", I feel like dying, that's just too much for me to handle. Its way toooo rude. Never did I say bye to anyone like that. 

Well, that all folks!! 
Note: All the text above is full of exaggeration, us baat kay liye main tahay dil se app se muazzrat khua hyun :P.  



Sunday, 9 December 2012

OMG, I Am Trapped, Save Me!!!!!!

Chemistry is quite a difficult subject and you can not even start attempting a chemistry exam without having the appropriate knowledge to solve a question. Well, this post is not at all about chemistry. Its about a girl who attends the same chemistry tuition classes which I attend. I didn't even know her and I did not even wish to know her actually.
So, the problem started when one day, after class, she asked me to bring her some snacks from the shop situated just in front of our tuition centre. She gave me a few hundred rupees. So, I said OK, no problem and then I brought her whatever she wanted. And I thought that this would be the end of it. But no, absolutely not, it did not end then and there.
The next day, after class: I am talking to my friends and then she comes to me and says: "Yaar ice cream la do, is k liye bhi la dena" ( pointing towards one of her friends). In my head I was like : "Yaaaaaaaaar :/, why me. Now I cant even refuse or else a lot people would think that this guy is a rude freak". So I brought her whatever she wanted again. My friends were laughing at me like lunatics.
And just yesterday, just before I could enter my class, she (that horrid little beast) saw me, she pleaded: "Yaar achay bhai please pani ki aik bottle la do, please achay bhai". Then I said: "Yaar, there is a whole lot of other guys just standing idle outside, ask them". I think she didn't even hear me and she continued like please please please la do. Totally exasperated, I brought her a bottle of water. 

I am starting to fear tuition just because of her. Now when I enter my class, I have to be really careful, so that her sight doesn't catch me. She can be anywhere, waiting for me like a lion waiting for a deer in the grass. And she can strike at any moment from any direction. Yesterday, I just ran from my coaching centre to the bus stop, caught the first chinchi I saw and saved myself from her evil clutches. I attend my coaching classes in constant fear now. Allah saved me yesterday magar kab tak??? I am bound to be caught one day or another. OMG, save me, Im trapped :(.

Last night one of my friends started teasing me. She had seen that girl talking to me at Hibrow (thats the name of my coaching centre btw). I was teased in the following way:
I randomly asked my friend : "Wanna have a laddo??". She said: No, I would instead like to have a gulab jamun, of your wedding with that beaconhouse girl. You and her <3". I was like: OHHH NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!, never even say that again, please. Me and her, that would not be even a bit less than a nightmare". But she kept on teasing like both of you look good together and yaar is hi tarah tou larkiyan phasati hein larkon ko. I said: she called me "Bhai" so it proves that she is absolutely not after me. My friend said: there is nothing such as a brother-sister relationship between na mehrams, and that is the basic reason why na mehrams are called na mehrams. I said you're killing me but she kept teasing. I had to change the subject of our conversation to save myself from a stroke, brain hemorrhage or a really serious heart attack. 

I might have exaggerated things a bit in the story above. but you don't know me, I am an stranger to you. So just take pleasure in my distress.

Friday, 7 December 2012

My Stupidity Made My Life Weird.........

When we have something we take it for granted and do not give it much importance, but you realize its importance in your life when you lose it. Never should anything should be taken for granted in life. I myself destroyed something really good that I had in my life. I am a person who gets angry very very rarely, but I have no clue that why did I let my anger take over me and make me do what I did. Now I feel weird all the time, things seem to be out of their place. Sometimes im depressed. Sometimes I go extremely sad. The sense of guilt is just too painful, I try to get over it but its not easy get over with it. I want to kick and punch myself for for the stupid things I have done. Most of all, I wish to go back in time and stop myself from doing all whatever bad I did. Well, thats impossible so I'll just have to try and forget the past. I should have believed in my own judgement and should have thought over about what I have to do before I actually did it.

I want to talk like a guy who just got dumped by his girlfriend, whom he had gotten after endless efforts, and has now fallen to the deepest pits of depression. And to be honest, I have never had a girlfriend (and sometimes I wonder: who the hell even needs one, oh well). There is always a happy side of our lives which we tend to ignore because of all our problems and worries.

So, my papers went well and these days at school, we are being given our papers back. My scores arent very much great but at least Im not failing in any of the subjects Alhumdulillah. 

Recently, I learned how to ride a motorcycle. Firstly, it seemed quite impossible but when I saw children half my age riding motorbikes like a boss, I told myself that, how hard could it possibly be?? everyone does it. Its just like a bicycle except that it has an engine and requires petrol. It's fun actually but dangerous too.

Thats all.