Sunday, 18 November 2012

EXAMS!!!! (>_<)

My Mid-term exams are approaching. I am not freaking out and extremely worried or something but I have a friend who likes to give me loads of tension. He makes everything look 100 times more harder than it really is. He can make people sweat their shirts wet by filling their mind with endless worries. Sometimes I just feel like saying that : "Yaar chup hoja, kyun mera dimagh kharab kar raha hai extra tension de kay", but I don't wanna make him feel bad so I just keep quiet and let him rant on. People shouldn't really do this. They should rather help other to do what seems to be difficult, not transfer their worries to others. 
Oh well, that's all. These exams don't matter much and what really matters is the CIE. I pray to Allah that He helps me out in my CIE exams and grants me good grades. I just have to keep on working hard.       

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  1. Good Luck, Remember To Have Fun In Exams, I Don't See Any Reason To Let Them Overwhelm You [Like Your Friend Does].