Saturday, 18 August 2012

It wants to go away the moment it comes back!!!

Ramazan- comes and goes as fast as possible. The last few days of this blessed month are now slipping away from our hands and everyone is shopping. The birds and beasts are also shopping. Even the ants are shopping right now I think.
Now the time has come to go back to your normal lives and leave our disorganized ramazan life for a complete year. Most people would agree with me that ramazan turns your life upside down. we are awake at night, sleeping in the day and we usually don't work much because we are feeling thirsty and hungry till azan e Maghrib. So there remains no order in your life and there is chaos everywhere , not total chaos but chaos anyway.


Friday, 17 August 2012

Monday, August,2012!!!!!

Finally!!!!!!!!!!! after months of waiting the day had come. The day of the O'Levels CIE results.
When I woke up monday morning my head was aching like HELL. I was so worried about my result, because in my mind I knew that I hadn't given my best in Pakistan studies and Islamiyat examinations. Maybe it was the truth or maybe it was only a stupid thought. Later it became crystal clear that it was only a stupid thought.
I went to school trying to forget that today was the day when we will be handed our CIE results.Though the results were only for two papers but they meant a lot. It was also the first time me and a lot of my friends were giving any kind of CIE papers.
The results were being given inside the school library. The students were being called in one by one. After a few minutes, my turn came. I was fidgeting nervously as I had no idea what awaited me beyond the library's door. My heart was about to jump out of my chest at any moment. It started pounding then it relaxed and this happened on and off until I was called in. I had a little chat with the middlers's section coordinator then she asked me about my expectations. I had already braced myself for this question and according to the consensus of me and my friends, I had to say an A and a B. And that is what I really expected. But what I got was really beyond my wildest dreams.
"Congratulaions, Farooq" she said while giving me that singe sheet of paper. I GOT TWO A's. Suddenly I was totally relieved. And I had never felt better in my life. 
Through out my life up till now I had been a little below average students. Getting the worst possible results all the time. I never got what I expected to get.
I came out of the room and I was trembling all over. I couldn't feel my legs, my voice was unsteady and I felt weightless. 
This was one of the best days of my life which I will never ever forget :).


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Why Racism?

The reason for many fights which went on for years and years, with no end in sight. Just discriminating on the basis of skin color, race, tribe or language. Racism, a curse upon mankind, created by mankind.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told in his last sermon that no one is better than the other except the fear of GOD. The more fear of God a person has the better that person is.
But in this so called modern world, only the good-looking, rich, and white people are seen as humans. Others are denied their rights, they are humiliated, and looked down upon.
Every human being has two legs, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two ears and almost everything is the same on the inside. The only difference is outwardly like facial features, skin tone, gender and height .But the point is that that they are all humans. So how can we possibly look down upon someone and say that he or she belongs to a low grade family, just on the basis of a few differences.
But the world is full of heartless assholes, and we can do nothing about it. People just consider themselves to be somewhere above the normal human being. They think they are superior and they have the right to do anything they want and anyone who blocks their way faces a horrible fate.
Many many novels have been written, having racism as the main theme of the book. It exists almost everywhere. It may not be too much but it is there in small amounts here and there.
Its a disease with no cure.

Please comment and tell me your views on racism.   


UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! One of the things I hate the most on this planet is Smoking. I hate everything about it. I hate the tobacco plants, I detest the people who cultivate it, I abhor the people who manufacture cigarettes. I SERIOUSLY want to burn down the companies that are promoting tobacco, cigarettes, cigars and smoking. I even hate the tiny filters through which the smoker smokes the cigarette. Plus the companies which make these cigarettes put up a warning on the pack that smoking is harmful and is the main cause of throat and lung problems. I say that if you are so goddamn worried about the health of the common man then why don't you just stop making cigarettes. That warning is the most pointless thing that can ever be written.
I never understand the point of smoking. What does it really do? why do people start it in the first place even when they very well know that it is addictive and harmful to the body? AND JUST WHY THE HELL DO YOUNG BOYS START SMOKING!!!!!!!???????
What is the point in looking like a car's exhaust. I saw one of my classmates smoking on the street and when I asked him that why are you smoking? he replies: " Yaar bus aik ya do pita hun puray haftay mein (Man, I smoke only once or twice in a whole week". I thought: why even once or twice in a week.
Its total bullshit and it ain't worth it. Its a waste of money and a way to disturb the sensitive balance within the human body.
Some people say ,mostly teens, that it makes you look like a cool dude. Well it makes you look more like a dumb person who desperately wants to kill himself. 
I pray to Allah (SWT) that He saves everyone from this curse. Once you get addicted there is literally no way to get rid of it and only a few people with the strongest of will powers succeed to quit it.

Anyone who reads this, please do comment and tell me what do you think about smoking?
This Is How My Heart Is, Big and Strong.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Pyari Maa

‘Kitni azeem shakhsiyat hai wok is ki hum khidmat nahi krte ‘
‘Us k ass pass hote hue bhi us ki Qadr nai krte’
‘Jab us ki maujoodgi hoti hai to qadr nahi aur jab qadr hoti hai to maujoodgi nahi"
‘Us ne humein itni takleefon se pala’
‘Badlay men hum ne us ki jholi men kia dala”
‘Us ne humein har mushkil se bachaya”
“Lekin hum ko apne pass ziada tar ghairhazir paya”
“Jab ghar se niklein hum to dua krti hai wo”
“Har lamha har waqt fiqar humari krti hai wo”
“Us ne mere liye apne har aram ko tarq kia”
“Sirf mere liye us ne kai pareshanion ka jam bhi pia”
“Meri khuahishaat k liye mar liya apne jia”
“Phir bhi kabhi uff tak na kia”
“Shuru se akhir tak us ne bus mujh ko dia hi dia”
“Apne beshumaar ehsanaat ka koi muafza bhi na liya”
“Ho hi to hai jo humari kamiabi k liye sab kuch har gai”
“Phir bhi dekho wo lakhon baziyan maar gai”
“To us ki khidmat karo aur us se pyar karo”
“Us se apne pyar k izhaar men intizaar na karo”
“Us k jaisi be loos muhabbat koi kar nahi sakta”
“Wo aisi nemat hai jis ka naim-ul-badal ho nahi sakta”
“Jab wo apna Dast-e-shafqat mere sir pe rakhti hai”
“Phir dunya ki har mushkil mujhe assan lagti hai”
“Ye shakhsiyat kon hai? Aur usey hum kia kehte hen”
“Ye dunya ki sab se azeem aur bari shakhsiyat hai aur sb usey MAAN! Kehte hen”