Thursday, 7 June 2012


I hate it when my back is itching and I just can't reach the spot. My reaction is:

I go pale when I just don't know what to write in my exam and the student sitting besides me asks for an extra sheet I am like: "what the hell are you writing? Why do you need an extra sheet for?". My reaction is:

I hate it when I raise my hand in the class, confident that my answer is right and still the teacher asks the kid who has no idea about what is going on in the class.

It annoys me when someone is continuously along with me when I wanna be alone.

I feel stupid when my friends don't find anything interesting in something I like.

It feels awesome to help a student who is better than you in studies.

It can blow your mind away when you are watching your favorite movies and just then K.E.S.C swishes its magic wand and you get engulfed in total darkness.

Am I the only who hates it when you text your friends and get the reply when you are playing with your grand-children.

The choice one can never make: "Mother or Father". And you can only choose one.

It just doesn't matter if you misbehave throughout the year or talk in class while the teacher is teaching all that matters in that that you don't do any of these in the first class you have with that teacher. You know what they say "The first impression is the last impression". Not joking it really works!!!!

I am so good in the eyes of my teachers that they make the other boy stand even when i was the one who was talking to him and not him talking to me XD.

People say that there is not life without music and  love. I think water and oxygen are more important.




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