Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Thank You SOOOOO much!!

Sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out.
Sometimes I want to cry like a baby when I feel weak and helpless.
Sometimes I literally wish to die.
Sometimes I am very ungrateful for everything I have even though my life is filled with things other people only wish to have.
Sometimes I want to live my life in a chaotic way and  obey no one.
Sometimes I want to be rebellious and do everything I am never supposed to do.

BUT then I stop and think, I contemplate. Who Am I?
Am I not a Muslim?
Am I not supposed to thank Allah for all He has blessed me with?
Am I not one of the followers of Prophet Muhammad(saw)?
Don't I have all the necessities of life?

All these simple yet big questions make me realize that being rebellious and living your life in chaos is just not worth it. Everything should be organized and planned and we should do things in a proper manner. For all the things I had, for all the things I have today and ALL the things and happiness which I pray Allah would grant me, I AM THANKFUL TO HIM FOR ALL THAT. ALHAMDULLILAH!

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