Friday, 7 December 2012

My Stupidity Made My Life Weird.........

When we have something we take it for granted and do not give it much importance, but you realize its importance in your life when you lose it. Never should anything should be taken for granted in life. I myself destroyed something really good that I had in my life. I am a person who gets angry very very rarely, but I have no clue that why did I let my anger take over me and make me do what I did. Now I feel weird all the time, things seem to be out of their place. Sometimes im depressed. Sometimes I go extremely sad. The sense of guilt is just too painful, I try to get over it but its not easy get over with it. I want to kick and punch myself for for the stupid things I have done. Most of all, I wish to go back in time and stop myself from doing all whatever bad I did. Well, thats impossible so I'll just have to try and forget the past. I should have believed in my own judgement and should have thought over about what I have to do before I actually did it.

I want to talk like a guy who just got dumped by his girlfriend, whom he had gotten after endless efforts, and has now fallen to the deepest pits of depression. And to be honest, I have never had a girlfriend (and sometimes I wonder: who the hell even needs one, oh well). There is always a happy side of our lives which we tend to ignore because of all our problems and worries.

So, my papers went well and these days at school, we are being given our papers back. My scores arent very much great but at least Im not failing in any of the subjects Alhumdulillah. 

Recently, I learned how to ride a motorcycle. Firstly, it seemed quite impossible but when I saw children half my age riding motorbikes like a boss, I told myself that, how hard could it possibly be?? everyone does it. Its just like a bicycle except that it has an engine and requires petrol. It's fun actually but dangerous too.

Thats all.


  1. Hmm. We all go through unexplainable phases of depression in our teenage years. It's all the hormones :P. Don't worry, these feelings will pass soon. Immerse yourself in reading or something that will keep you busy and take your thoughts away from things that make you feel low.

    Well I'm glad you didn't fail any of your papers. Now attempt the next step, which is trying to get the best marks ever!

    And OMG, I always wanted to know how to ride a motorcycle, regardless of how inappropriate and unnecessary it is for a girl, haha.

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog :)

    1. Thanks for your comments and advice :). Well, i do try to keep myself busy and not think about things that make me feel low and depressed ,but sometimes it's just so difficult to push some thoughts out of your mind. And learning how to drive a car would be far better and far less dangerous for you than riding a motorbike :).

      And Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog :)

  2. At Least You Didn't Fail Any Of Your Papers. I Hope You Had Fun. 8)

    Come To Think Of It, It's Time I Go Out And Start Learning To Operate A Motorcycle. :P

    1. Do Go Out And Learn How To Operate A Motorcycle. It's Fun, But Don't Go Too Fast Or You Will End Up Killing Yourself.