Saturday, 29 December 2012

Damn Convo Killers!!!!!!!

There are some words in this world that were created only to be loathed. Sometimes I don't even consider them words and sometimes I ask God that, why did He let such words be created by Mankind?? You are the Creator and the Almighty, you could have easily prevented the birth of such heinous words. Well, it's really bad to question God's will but still, WHY?? 

I'll just stop ranting about why these words were created. Let's take a look at these words which I hate so incredibly much. Here they are:

 WHATEVER!!!!  or WHATEVZ!!!: This word is so rude. I have never said this word to anyone but I get it a lot. It is like saying: : "I don't give even the slightest damn about whatever you are saying and whatever you are saying is total and absolute bullshit". Well, this word was born to be hated.  

OKAY and its siblings: OK, Kand KAY: K. K. K. K. I just never wanna see this word again but can't help, ITS EVERYWHERE and on everyone's tongue. This word gives me a heart attack and a stroke all at the same time. 
BYE: UUUUGGGHHH!!!! this one is the king of convo killers. Its an absolute heartbreaker. Plus if you write bye with a long face like this one: "-________-", I feel like dying, that's just too much for me to handle. Its way toooo rude. Never did I say bye to anyone like that. 

Well, that all folks!! 
Note: All the text above is full of exaggeration, us baat kay liye main tahay dil se app se muazzrat khua hyun :P.  



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