Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dont Give Up.

Abandon the darkness, embrace the Light.
Try harder and the solution shall surely come in sight.

Rebuke wickedness and show the world your might.
Shun what is wrong and do what seems right.

Let your conscience and soul be your guide.
Do not overthink and let the confusion subside.

Don't go on pondering on what has passed away.
Not in the direction of evil let your heart sway.

Let not your opportunity fly away today, in the hopes of tomorrow.
Or later you may regret your actions and cry in sorrow.

At this very moment, your whole being might be in pain.
But be very sure that your efforts will not go in vain.

Underestimating yourself shall not lead to any gain.
Feeling hopeless and downtrodden can only drive you insane.

Today your resources may be mere.
But you never know, life will surprise you when and where.

Be not careless and take of yourself good care.
May you have the strength with which all hardships you may bear. 

These verses came to me out of nowhere, I hope that the people who read it, like it (^_^).