Thursday, 19 July 2012


 Time is a moron , when its good it tries to run away as fast as possible as if its a Cheetah and when its not, it stays with you as long as it can stay with you and never seems to go away. When you are waiting for someone time starts to move like a snail and when you are sitting in the examination room and you desperately need time to think and write, time sits in a Quad-turbocharged Bugatti veyron and hits the gas like the FBI, ISI and CIA all three are after it.

Sometimes the way time acts, drives me crazy. When I am sitting in the most boring maths class and I don't have a single idea what's going on, time moves like a sloth and pushes me to the verge of exploding like RDX. And when you have nothing to do and you are bored like Hell, time dies away due to hypothermia(death due to freezing).

So I have come to the conclusion that time is a mean and selfish entity that moves in a speed which it prefers and never lets you enjoy life in the way you want to enjoy it. Sometimes it does allow you to enjoy your life but then it runs like Hell and takes your happiness away with itself. So the main and last point is that that TIME IS A BLOODY MORON.  
     Time's Personal Car
but time is also a remedy which heals both inwardly and outwardly wounds so I must say that time is not a complete moron. It is sometimes bad, sometimes good but its never totally bad or totally good.


  1. If time does'nt move when you're enjoying something, you'll eventually get bored of doing it! So this mean moron basically makes you realise what happiness is worth!