Thursday, 19 July 2012

Life a plate of Biryani!

When we look at life, you can say that is a set of events that leads one to his or her:
But there are many others ways also to look at life, and one of them is to view life as a Big Plate of Biryani!!!! 
If you don't get the idea then I can very easily explain it to you. So take it this way, the Rice in your plate is the amount of life you have and every spoon of Rice you eat is a day. Every ingredient present in the dish can be compared to a feeling, moment or event:
1) Chicken: Without chicken, Biryani can not even be called Biryani. Eating Biryani without it is a waste of precious time. It can be compared to the best memories and moments of our life. Without it, life would be very very boring. Biryani khai aur boti nahi mili tou mein tou kahun ga kay bhai app ki Biryani zaya gai.
2) Cardamom: This is the little THING which ruins the whole morsel and make you go at least half mad if not full. It can be compared to the irritating and boring events of your life and the moments you truly hate and you prefer to forget them ASAP.
3) Clove: This spice is a brother to the cardamom. It approaches you as silently as a tiger approaches a Gazelle and attacks like light and makes you dread the moment when you put THAT THING in your mouth unintentionally. I would compare it to the embarrassing times of our life and the failures from which we learn priceless lessons.
4) Potatoes: its good to have them but you can enjoy your biryani even without them. They can be seen as "Desires" and not "Necessities". You can live without your desires being fulfilled but can't live without your necessities being taken care of.   

The extras like Raita and salad are also very important but they are not necessary. I would compare these to things we do by going out of our ways and the things we occasionally do out of the ordinary. Sometimes you do these things, sometimes you don't and they are obviously not in your daily routine.         

So every spoon you consume is a day with a mix of everything. Good things, bad thing and everything you can possibly think of.

Well now you know how to look at life as a plate of Biryani and you even know whats happens when you place and swallow the last morsel, YOU DIE! 

So keep eating and never ever throw your plate of rice away cuz that will be suicide!


  1. i love biryani. i dont wanna see it this way. so i ll just devour it, enjoy it with a juice and be happy. ;) :D

  2. hahahaha, duuude, your comparisons really entertain me!

    1. It took me quite a lot of time to think those comparisons out. :D