Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Great RKR!!!

She became my friend when we were in the eight standard. Our friendship was later consolidated two years later. She gave me her mobile number a few months back. I thought that she wanted to take a look at my ghatia bekaar useless cell phone but she herself saved her number in my cell phone even when I had not asked for it. WOW!!! acha khair hai, lets move ahead.
But I noticed that whenever I used to text her, I would only receive the reply reply at night and no sooner. She would never reply before 10 or 11pm at night. Obviously, she was busy studying in the day but the wait for her to reply was quite irritating for me. This happened a lot and to such an extent that i was compelled to give her the title of RKR!! Raaton ki rani ( English translation: The Queen of Night, consider it my favor upon you O reader, if you don't know URDU XD).
To my surprise she liked the title, not the English one but the Urdu one. She herself started using it like : "RKR would be back after dinner to talk  to you, don't go to sleep" XD.
Now let us focus on the qualities of the great RKR. She rises in the darkness of the night, when people are fast asleep. She will talk to anyone who wants to talk to her but Beware!! She may leave you utter darkness, venturing forth into the darkness, leaving you behind trembling with fear. She doesn't even give damn to someone who get between her and her sleep even if that person is one of her best friends. She is graceful, funny powerful, brave, cheerful, bold, and yet has no control over her sleep. So don't you fret when she stops replying to your text messages abruptly.
But in the morning when she wakes up from her sleep the personality of the RKR fades away and the "Unreal" she comes out. RKR inhibits her body, living there silently to raise her head only in the darkness of the night.
To me it seems they are two souls in a single body, one takes over the other in the course of time and this change of personalities in unending.
So readers now you know who the great RKR , Raaton ki Rani, Queen of Nights is. She is the queen whom nobody can match, not even in a single aspect.

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