Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I Abhor You!

I don't ever wanna see your face
Your existence in the human race
Is nothing but more then a bloody disgrace
I crave to crush your face with a big heavy mace
You are so irresponsible, can't tie your own shoelace
You cant walk fast, can't keep up the pace

You are so confused, turned your life into mazes
I pity you because nobody can save you from the horrific gazes

Your strange choices, Your pathetic way of life 
Will lead you nowhere but a deadly demise.

The hopes and promises you used to advertise
were all nothing but a bunch of lies

You never respected anyone or upheld family ties
You have wronged yourself to the point where the soul dies.

Your logic and theories have no bases
The courts are filled with files of your cases

You know what bothers me the most
When you are the guest and I am the host

All you have done up till now in life is boast
It would be better for the world if you die in a shipwreck near the coast

When you act too much like a boss
People get nothing from you but loss

If you would have treated other people with kindness
You would surely have attained invaluable happiness

You walk on Earth with your cheeks swollen with pride and arrogance
You have never learned the lesson of tolerance

What you be ashamed of the horrible crimes you have done
The people you have hurt, seek their forgiveness and beg their pardon

If you want to change its still not late
If you want to be good then just don't sit and wait

It's always your choice on which path you select
But let me tell you that only in the right path lies respect.

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