Friday, 25 May 2012

The Hangout!!!

It all started at 10pm Wednesday 23th may. My friend called me and told me that we are going to atrium mall  to watch The Avengers in 3D!! 
Suddenly my head got filled with a load of questions. How shall we go there? Who else will be coming with us? With whom shall we go? What is the cost of the ticket? When would the show start? 
My friend told me to SHUT UP! get over with the Rapid Fire session and listen carefully. He told me that three other friends of ours would also be joining us, the ticket is rupees 500/- only along with the 3D glasses which only cost rupees 150/-, the show will start at 12pm tomorrow which was Thursday 25th may.  He also told me that I have to come to his house along with Zeerak and then from his house we will go to the mall with his driver. I also asked him about some other details too.
That night I slept at 4am and then I woke up at 9:20 am. My head was still spinning due to the drowsiness when suddenly my cell phone started ringing. I picked my cell phone up and it was Zeerak.
"Hey, Farooq I am standing at your doorsteps" said Zeerak.
I quickly rushed to the wash basin, washed my face, wore a cap to hide my extremely disheveled  hair, opened the door, greeted him in and made him sit in the drawing room. I got ready in 5 minutes and both me and zeerak set out to Omer's house. 
We reached Omer's house at almost 10:30 am. When we reached there, to my surprise my bestest friend Huzaifa was already there. We all greeted each other and at 10:45 omer's driver was at the door. Quickly we got seated in the car and set out to atrium mall. On our way we picked Saad up whose not such a good friend of mine but he is quite a good friend of Omer.

We were at the mall at 11:20 am. We used the elevator to go to the top floor where the cinema is. We bought the tickets and 3D glasses and at almost 11:50 we were seated in the cinema, all in one row and luckily I got seated next to Huzaifa :D. It was pitch dark and only the screen and the guy with a torch in his hands to guide people to their seats in the darkness were visible. Omer, Saad and Zeerak had bought drinks. I and Huzaifa didn't buy anything. We ate and drank from what they had bought. BTW Huzaifa and I bought drinks in the middle of the movie. The others didn't even get to know that we had bought drinks and we drank them alone. Now you may calculate the level of our cleverness (Haramipan, chalaki, kaminapan) XD.
The movie started at 12pm [Pakistan Standard Time(PST)]. The movie was fantastic.The super heroes, plot, story, and the graphics were outstanding. The movie was full of awe-inspiring action scenes. It was thoroughly enjoyable and it was worthy of being watched in the cinema with big 3D glasses on. The funniest character of the movies was Doctor Bruce Banner who turns into the Hulk, the big crazy green guy, when ever he is angry, stressed or excited.
After the movie, we ate at the atrium's food court on the top floor. After that we set out for Omer's house again and dropped Saad at his house in our way. 
We reached omer's place, then got seated in his bedroom, took some pictures, ate gola ganda (flavoured crushed ice ball XD). Then at almost 5:15 pm, I, Huzaifa and Zeerak left Omer's home and set out for our's. we dropped Huzaifa on our way home. I reached home at 6:00 pm, having a enjoyed hell of a lot!!!!!!!!!
It was a day I would never ever forget in my whole life. Meeting my friends with no worries of studies or homework. Free from my stupid CIE O levels examinations. Then going to watch such a great superheroes action movie along with some of my best friends multiplied the fun by a 1000 degrees. BTW I was madly missing ONE of my friends before, during, and after the movie. I wished that that friend of mine could join me but that would never happen even in the wildest of my dreams. Overall, the trip was a magnificent and outstanding experience which I will always remember.

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