Saturday, 18 August 2012

It wants to go away the moment it comes back!!!

Ramazan- comes and goes as fast as possible. The last few days of this blessed month are now slipping away from our hands and everyone is shopping. The birds and beasts are also shopping. Even the ants are shopping right now I think.
Now the time has come to go back to your normal lives and leave our disorganized ramazan life for a complete year. Most people would agree with me that ramazan turns your life upside down. we are awake at night, sleeping in the day and we usually don't work much because we are feeling thirsty and hungry till azan e Maghrib. So there remains no order in your life and there is chaos everywhere , not total chaos but chaos anyway.



  1. You are fully wrong when you say: "So there remains no order in your life and there is chaos everywhere , not total chaos but chaos anyway."
    It is a very wrong point. Ramadan Kareem Actually is the month of the year that brings order in our lives. We start to live our lives according to Islam. We wake up early, pray the namaz, and go out to work and before Dusk we return to our homes. It is the correct way to lead our lives and according to Islam. Did you know a hadith in which it is mentioned to return home before dark, as after it ALLAH Sends down his creatures that we do not know of and we Should close our doors reciting Bismillah and we should cover our pots which contain food and water.
    I truly Disagree with your point here.

    1. What you are saying is also correct but in reality that which you are saying does not happen. There is order but in a lesser amount. People stay awake all night, have sehri, take a little nap and then go to work. As they did not have a good night's sleep they are tired and the rate of productivity goes down. Students after school are so tired they are unable to do their homework and most of the adults break their fasts at their work place. What you are saying happens very rarely. You are stating a perfect routine.