Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Why Racism?

The reason for many fights which went on for years and years, with no end in sight. Just discriminating on the basis of skin color, race, tribe or language. Racism, a curse upon mankind, created by mankind.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told in his last sermon that no one is better than the other except the fear of GOD. The more fear of God a person has the better that person is.
But in this so called modern world, only the good-looking, rich, and white people are seen as humans. Others are denied their rights, they are humiliated, and looked down upon.
Every human being has two legs, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two ears and almost everything is the same on the inside. The only difference is outwardly like facial features, skin tone, gender and height .But the point is that that they are all humans. So how can we possibly look down upon someone and say that he or she belongs to a low grade family, just on the basis of a few differences.
But the world is full of heartless assholes, and we can do nothing about it. People just consider themselves to be somewhere above the normal human being. They think they are superior and they have the right to do anything they want and anyone who blocks their way faces a horrible fate.
Many many novels have been written, having racism as the main theme of the book. It exists almost everywhere. It may not be too much but it is there in small amounts here and there.
Its a disease with no cure.

Please comment and tell me your views on racism.   

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