Wednesday, 8 August 2012


UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! One of the things I hate the most on this planet is Smoking. I hate everything about it. I hate the tobacco plants, I detest the people who cultivate it, I abhor the people who manufacture cigarettes. I SERIOUSLY want to burn down the companies that are promoting tobacco, cigarettes, cigars and smoking. I even hate the tiny filters through which the smoker smokes the cigarette. Plus the companies which make these cigarettes put up a warning on the pack that smoking is harmful and is the main cause of throat and lung problems. I say that if you are so goddamn worried about the health of the common man then why don't you just stop making cigarettes. That warning is the most pointless thing that can ever be written.
I never understand the point of smoking. What does it really do? why do people start it in the first place even when they very well know that it is addictive and harmful to the body? AND JUST WHY THE HELL DO YOUNG BOYS START SMOKING!!!!!!!???????
What is the point in looking like a car's exhaust. I saw one of my classmates smoking on the street and when I asked him that why are you smoking? he replies: " Yaar bus aik ya do pita hun puray haftay mein (Man, I smoke only once or twice in a whole week". I thought: why even once or twice in a week.
Its total bullshit and it ain't worth it. Its a waste of money and a way to disturb the sensitive balance within the human body.
Some people say ,mostly teens, that it makes you look like a cool dude. Well it makes you look more like a dumb person who desperately wants to kill himself. 
I pray to Allah (SWT) that He saves everyone from this curse. Once you get addicted there is literally no way to get rid of it and only a few people with the strongest of will powers succeed to quit it.

Anyone who reads this, please do comment and tell me what do you think about smoking?


  1. Yea... Smoking is really bad and hard to quit, n Oh I got the same feeling about those stupid tobacco companies!
    Guys think if you smoke you look awesome, Even if it does look awesome to them why would you buy being awesome at the price of your life?!
    I know someone who quit smoking, it's tough but you know if you try it with a clean heart pledging never to smoke again, God helps, in His own ways, he helps!

    1. Very right. With a strong willpower anything can be accomplished. I think there are also many other ways to look good and smoking is obviously not one of them.


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